Indispensabile - mechanical punch press

This tool has been designed and created to solve many problems in the watch industry.
The sophistication of the construction makes it reliable and accurate over time.

This tool allows you to:

• to expel and enter with ease, the pins of metal straps


Working height - mm 150
Distance between punch and useful column - mm 75
Quill stroke - mm 40
Dimensions - mm 210x160x400
Weight - kg 4,5

Included Accessories

Punch holder from 0.8 mm

Punch 0.8 mm Replacement
Support for adjustable strap
Instructions for use

Accessories on request

Punch holder D.1 complete art.60

2006/42 EC

All models are compliant according to the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42.


Illustrations, descriptions, measurements and weights are not binding and subject to change without notice


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