Made of cast iron, which fully reflects the technical / construction
of large machine tools.
The iron castings are made in Italy and in Gavardo Cellatica (BS) and all machining, mechanical assembly, finishing, calibration is performed at our factory according to the national standards required.

Conversion kit

Art.410 - Readout hundredths of three axes X-Y-Z
Art.411 - Automatic advancement in the c.c. adjustable with potentiometer on three axes X-Y-Z

Included Accessories

Operation and maintenance manual

Service keys

Details and particulars

With manual feed and digital readout hundredths of three axes XYZ


• Construction in cast iron G25 stabilized
• Head tilting from 90/0/90 with counterweight in the upright
• Sliding screen with micro chip shield
• Guides dovetail protected by bellows scraper
• Lubrication by Oiler Guides
• Trapezoidal screws precision snail backlash
• Leaflets with noni grads resettable resolution mm.0, 05
• ISO 30 spindle nose with integrated tie
• Quick locking of the spindle for tool replacement
• Wiring system to low voltage 24v AC with operating logic
• Spindle motor 1.5 KW inverter with vector bi
• Speed of rotation of the spindle 100 to 3000 rpm adjustable by potentiometer (at constant torque)
• alimentazione 220 volt monofase 50 Hz
• Table size 150x580 mm with 3 T-slots 10 mm
• Longitudinal travel of 420 mm
• Cross travel 160 mm
• Maximum distance spindle nose / table mm 300
• Z axis stroke 300 mm
• Overall dimensions without base: mm 780 x 850 x 1000 (H)
• weight without base Kg 150
• Weight basis Kg 210
• Millimeter lines of reference in all 3 axes X-Y-Z

2006/42 EC

All models are compliant according to the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42.


Illustrations, descriptions, measurements and weights are not binding and subject to change without notice


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