ART. 101 Base with cabinet and chip-collection pan

ART. 102 Milling square complete with steel vice

ART. 104* Lathe carrier

ART. 107* Ø 100 3+3 high precision self-centering chuck

ART. 107C Ø 125 4+4 high precision self-centering chuck

ART. 109A Tool post for turret with Vee

ART. 109/D For boring bar tool holder from mm.16

ART. 112* Set of 5 mill collets with chuck shaft thread-cover and tie-rod

ART. 115 Live center morse 2 taper

ART. 116A Live center morse 2 taper for pipe

ART. 118A 0-10 self-clamping chuck for morse 2 taper center

ART. 122 Set of 4 hard metal tools

ART. 125* Flange for Ø 125 self-centering chuck

ART. 127* Lead screw inverter for DAVID 203

ART. 130 6 mechanically fixed tools, complete with inserts and keys

ART. 101/A Rear guard neon light and main isolating switch

ART. 103* Ø 200 chuck with slots

ART. 105 Steady rest with three adjustable pins

ART. 107A* Ø 100 4+4 high precision self-centering chuck

ART. 108 Adjustable turret with 2 tool posts

ART. 109B Tool post for turret with morse 1 taper

ART. 110 Articulated lamp

ART. 113 Tap and die support device complete with morse 2 taper collet

ART. 115A Live center morse 2 taper for tracing

ART. 117 Cooling unit

ART. 119 Set of 3 dogs

ART. 123 Set of 2 hard metal threading tools

ART. 125A Flange for Ø 125 self-centering chuck Ø 30 bar passage

ART. 128* Wrench disassembly of chuck

ART. 128A For Ø 30 bar passage

ART. 131 Additional handweel, lead screw with nonius

ART. 101/B “Lexan” polycarbonate chip screen with outlined in aluminum, piston to gas and microswitch of emergency

ART. 103A* Ø 150 faceplate with 4 independent jaws

ART. 106 Extra carriage for repeat jobs

ART. 107B Ø 125 3+3 high precision self-centering chuck

ART. 109 Tool post for flat turret

ART. 109/C Tool holder for blade mm. 2

ART. 111 6 position star clamp

ART. 114* Fixed dead center morse 3 taper

ART. 116 Live center morse 2 taper gap

ART. 118 0-8 self-clamping chuck for morse 1 109B

ART. 120 Set of 3 center noses

ART. 124* Flange for Ø 100 self-centering chuck

ART. 126 Set of 3 mild steel jaws for Ø 100 chuck

ART. 129* Wrench for adjusting bearings

ART. 129A For Ø 30 bar passage

2006/42 EC

All models are compliant according to the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42.


Illustrations, descriptions, measurements and weights are not binding and subject to change without notice

Low Voltage

The electrical 24 V AC low voltage includes: operating logic with relays mounted on PCB, ignition key, light and emergency stop.


The screen chip shield and the door casing are protected by microswitches

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